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Well, I feel alive enough to talk about Anime Central 2015. It was...weird. I can't totally say it was bad but I can't say it was great either. I was certainly happy to run into :iconsfliminality: for photos several times but overall, I didn't run into that many of my friends. I actually talked to several people I didn't know. So great that I was a little more outgoing but ACen is normally a chance for me to catch up with people I haven't seen in a while because of the cosplay rush.

I miss the creepy murals in the skybridge. Now that part of the bridge is carpeted and modernized. Not a bad thing but I still strangely miss the strange mural in that hall. I miss the guy screaming in the dealer hall advertising Red Hot Yaoi. Never bought a damn thing from that table but there as something familiar and traditional about hearing his voice loud and clear through the entire dealer hall. The man had impressive vocal projection. The Hen Da Ne booth will never be the same.

ACen needs to do a lot about the smokers at the con. The e-cigs and vapers indoors was nuts. There almost was no fresh air anywhere. I'm not particularly sensitive to it since my mom's been a smoker since forever but it's still annoying. And when you go outside, there are droves of people smoking and not giving a damn about who they blow smoke at. I've heard numerous people say smokers blatantly turned and blew smoke in their faces. Who does that? You don't do that to a complete stranger, or anyone. You don't know what sensitivities/allergies someone has. Don't take other people down with your nasty habit.

The smokers were almost as inconsiderate as the homestucks. At the risk of opening a can of worms, I don't like the general homestuck fandom. Too much cosplay and property damage. I know a couple who are good about sealing body paint or using morphsuits for their arms and legs. But that's a couple out of the couple hundred that show up to ACen every year. People work hard on cosplay. I spent every weekend for a couple of months working on my Neo jacket. I did my photoshoot and some asshole homestuck shoved past me and got gray all over the sleeve of my jacket. She was gone before I could say anything to her. It was ungodly humid during the con. If you have to wear body paint, have the decency and the connected braincells to seal it. If you don't know how to seal it, Google it goddammit.

Anyway...I didn't buy much which isn't a bad thing. It was just that nothing grabbed me. I was pretty beat by the time I got home. I'll update pictures as I find them. :iconthesnowdrifter: and I did our final Naruto cosplays this ACen, SnK/Naruto crossover. If you see a picture of Tsunade in an SnK styke green jacket, green skirt, etc, with SnK Kyuubi, that would be us. Tsunade is retired from here on out unless I need a quick, cool cosplay or someone really wants a photoshoot with it. I don't really see those scenarios happening.  I do have to figure out what I'm gonna do for SoyCon now that my easiest outfit is retired.
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To Hell With Your Opinion! by Azure-Rose-Cosplay
To Hell With Your Opinion!
:iconsfliminality: photo spam continues!

Impromptu photoshoot late at night on top of parking garage after several issues with my friend's other photoshoot. Played the lighting minion for a while then did some photos.
I'm Still Your Zelda... by Azure-Rose-Cosplay
I'm Still Your Zelda...
Photo: :iconsfliminality:
Script on bracelets: :iconsarinilli:

It's a year late but Skyward Sword Zelda is finally done. Turned out to be a major league pain. Very time consuming and easily burned me out a couple times.

I lost my original blue gem for her dress and I thought for sure I'd find it after making a new one but nope. Still can't find the original.

The original dress pattern didn't have a zipper so I altered it to add one in as well as flare it out a bit more. Some of the yellow trim was done by hand but mostly machine. The brooch and silver buckle (just peeking out at the bottom of the pic) both have resin gems I did myself. The brooch bezel is painted worbla. The silver buckle is sculpy. I don't know what fabric the brown belt is, I found it in the remnant bin at JoAnn's and it was a risk but turned out really nicely. (close ups of my accessories azure-rose-cosplay.deviantart.…) There are foam tubes in the forelocks to fill them out more. I will have to restyle the wig the next time I want to wear it but that's cosplay for you.
Ice Cream Queen Neo by Azure-Rose-Cosplay
Ice Cream Queen Neo
My cosplay page:…

It was a lot of work but it was worth it. I'm really happy with the way Neo came out. And my undying thanks to :iconsfliminality: for getting up early the Saturday of ACen after a long Friday night to shoot with me. Lighting conditions were not the best but he made it work. Also much thanks to :iconthesnowdrifter: for sewing in the white wefts. Dying the wig was hard enough for me. Learning how and trying to sew in wefts might have done me in

I might try to clean up the wig a little more later. It did bleed some color on the back of my jacket but it's not too bad. It probably would have been ok if it hadn't been so damn humid during the ACen.

It's crazy to think May 16th last year, it was snowing.


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I think I'm getting better at this jewelry making thing. XD

I still suck at taking pictures of my work though. DX

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